Would you like extra help studying for an Affiliate Broker exam, Broker exam, or a Prelicensing test? We have the study materials to help you pass!

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Mastering Real Estate Math, 8th edition


Limited Quantities!


This workbook provides a quick review of fundamental concepts and offers support to students who may experience anxiety in dealing with mathematical concepts. It improves your math skills and prepares you for actual real estate transactions.


Modern Real Estate Practice, 21st edition


This textbook is what CLI uses for our 60 hours of Prelicensing classes. This textbook is included in the price of our Prelicensing classes; or, you can purchase it separately for $65.  Purchase this textbook to become familiar with real estate terms and federal industry concepts.


Guide to Passing the PSI Real Estate Exam, 8th edition


This textbook is helpful in studying for the national portion of either the Affiliate Broker exam, or the Broker exam. Both the Affiliate Broker and Broker exams will include 80 questions pertaining to national information. This book also includes 5 practice exams and 650 exam-style practice questions. Students may purchase this book separately for $40; or, receive it when they purchase our Accelerated Review class.


Real Estate Exam Prep: Tennessee


This book has approximately 200 exam-style practice questions focusing only on Tennessee State Laws. The Affiliate Broker exam will include 40 questions on TN State Law, and the Broker exam will include 50 questions on TN State Law. This book is an essential tool in studying for the TN State Law portion of the Affiliate and Broker exams.


Modern Real Estate Practice FLASHCARD Review, 21st edition


A comprehensive set of 700 flashcards that offers students an excellent review of key concepts and terms covered in the Modern Real Estate Practice, 21st Edition textbook. These flashcards are conveniently organized by the textbook’s chapters. They are an essential tool in solidifying one’s understanding of real estate terms and concepts. The flashcards consist of definitions and concept explanations only; they do not include any practice questions.


Real Estate Math: What You Need to Know, 7th edition


This book focuses on basic math concepts with examples, formulas, calculations, practice problems, and detailed explanations of key concepts.



21 Things I Wish My Broker Had Told Me, 2nd edition


Want tips from professional experts before you start your new real estate career? Then this book is for you! Even if you’ve worked in the industry for years, this book can help push your career to the next level through expert advice and guidance.


The Insider’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate, 3rd edition


This book covers the basics of commercial real estate. It includes chapters on property types, commercial real estate culture, math, finance, and contracts. It also showcases certain entry-level career options. If you’d like to focus your career on commercial real estate, then this book is for you.


The Language of Real Estate, 8th edition


This book is a must have for all real estate offices. It has an encyclopedia-like approach to thousands of real estate practices, concepts, and terms. A useful Spanish-English translation of Real Estate terms.  It’s also an essential tool for staying up to date on all the latest real estate lingo!