Tennessee Real Estate License Requirements

Affiliate Broker Applicants

The initial real estate license in Tennessee is called an Affiliate Broker license. Requirements include:

  • 18 years of age
  • High School diploma or GED
  • 60 hours of Prelicensing fundamentals (CLI: Prelicense A + B)
  • Pass the Tennessee State Exam
  • Complete 30-hour Course for New Affiliates
  • License affiliated with a Real Estate Broker
  • Fingerprinted & Background Check

Over the past 40+ years, CLI has trained thousands of people to obtain their real estate licenses. You may choose day, weekend, or evening classes.


CLI Prelicensing Course Schedules Course for New Affiliates

Broker Applicants

All Broker candidates must have:

  • Successfully completed 120 hours of approved education
    including 30 hours of Real Estate Office Management
  • 36 months of active Affiliate Broker License experience
    (24 months if licensed as an affiliate broker before May, 1988)
  • Complete the Broker Examination Application
  • Pass the Tennessee Broker Exam

Real Estate Office Management Continuing Education Courses

Affiliate Broker Continuing Education

All Affiliate Broker licensees must complete 16 hours of approved continuing education every two years to renew their licenses.

The 6-hour Core Course is required. The remaining 10 hours can be any approved elective courses.

CLI offers the Core Course and a wide selection of Continuing Education Courses by home study to meet these requirements.

Continuing Education Courses Core Course

Broker Post-Licensing Requirements

Brokers licensed after January 1, 2001: Complete 120 additional hours of approved education within three years of the broker license.

Brokers licensed after January 1, 2005: The above 120 additional hours, and after three years must complete the 16-hour continuing education requirement every two years thereafter.

Continuing Education Courses


Tennessee Real Estate Commission

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