See what CLI students have to say:


“CLI really helped me fulfill my dreams! I can’t thank you enough!"

“I am so happy I chose CLI for my pre-licensing courses. Last night I passed my exam and attribute it to your abilities in conveying ‘real world experience’ in your teachings.”

“All the enthusiastic instructors made a big difference in the learning environment.”

“I originally took the classes online through another school, and couldn’t pass my state exam. I then came to the classes at CLI, and passed my state exam on the first try! They made the information easy to learn and understand.”

“Thanks! I learned so much, and passed my exam on the first try. I’ll be seeing you again for my Continuing Education!”

“The instructors are fun and engage the class. They make the material enjoyable to learn and help enforce the material by providing real world experience.”

“CLI provides a great learning atmosphere. The whole process was fun. When I get my first commission check, I’ll be taking all the instructors out for lunch!”

“Thank you so much for your patience and knowledge. With CLI’s help, what seemed impossible is now achievable!”

“I tried to take the classes online, and it was too frustrating. I didn’t have anyone to ask questions to, and it took much longer than 60 hours. I came to CLI’s classes, and it was so much fun! I retained the information much better due to the instructors eagerness to teach. I wish I would’ve come to CLI first!”

"Bill is so funny and knowledgeable. He took complex topics and made them digestible. This past week has been amazing and I cannot wait for Part B! It's made me love being a student again."

"Brenda was great! She offered excellent pneumonic devices for memorizing important ideas and she was excellent at teaching land description - something I found easy after watching her do the calculations on-screen. She was also funny!

"Love Mrs. Brenda!! She really picked up slack and helped us get through the material. I'm horrible at math, and she taught us so well that I got 15/16 math questions correct. She's an asset to CLI!"

"He takes time to build a connection with you and he gives you a decent amount of time to ask a question and gets really specific into the point."

"Very kind and attentive to questions and student needs. Also very good pacing and knowledgeable."

"Brenda was excellent. She made the content clear and easy to follow. She was interactive and really helped create a comfortable learning environment. She is really great at connecting real life examples to the course content and how we may see it in our careers."

"Bill is a great teacher! Highly recommend!!"

"Would definitely recommend!"

"I had researched several months before finally settling for a place to enroll. After talking to several people and hearing all the good things they had to say I went with you guys. Everything has been excellent. "

"Your staff is excellent and professional. I believe classes via zoom is an excellent means of continuing your classes."

"Thanks a lot! great job from an awesome team"